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Beauty Tips

As a Stylist the number one question my clients always ask is:  How often should I wash my hair?
 A clean head of hair feels fresh and smells great but over-washing can turn one's healthy locks into a pile of straw. The average person's hair grows less than half an inch per month, so long strands that have been subjected to a lot of shampooing (as well as chemical treatments, blow drying, and the elements), tend to get dried out and dull at the ends and even break off. Dirtier hair-gasp-also holds a style better.

 How often you need to shampoo depends on how oily your scalp is and your hair's texture. Oil-known as sebum-travels more easily down smooth, straight hair, making it look greasier faster.  Sebum helps moisturize and waterproof the hair shaft. This is one reason why curly or coarse hair is drier. When you wash every day, you typically strip off this natural moisturizer and then have to slather it back on in the form of commercial conditioner.

On gym days, try simply rinsing with water instead of shampooing and finish with a light conditioner to detangle.


Shampooing does stimulate the scalp, which brings blood flow and healthy nutrients to the hair follicles. As an alternative, a gentle daily scalp massage and regular brushing with a good quality hairbrush.


When you choose a shampoo, pick a product that is made for your specific hair type whether it is oily, chemically-treated, limp, curly, etc.


Straight/fine texture   Wavy/medium texture    Super curly             Relaxed hair   
          (2 days)                          (2-3 days)                        (3-5 days)                  (1 weeks)         

If you are used to washing your hair daily, it can take a few weeks to get used to a new routine. You may be over producing sebum to compensate for stripping the scalp. Gradually increase the days between shampooing and see your hair will become healthier.

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